Welcome to Normal Mama, the blog of a mama who maybe is viewed by others as a bit off center, but does them because they feel so normal.  Normal for us as a family includes breastfeeding, bedsharing, family cloth, cloth diapering, keeping our children whole, eating together as a family, natural birthing, moving away from pharmaceuticals, and looking more to the earth as a source of health and wellness.  All of these create a simpler, more organic and normal life for us.

I’m Teva, and I have my bachelors degree in Social Work, but after spending my last semester interning as a social worker, I realized I could not do that as my career, so instead, I stay at home with my two precious children.  I am a doula, seeking certification (one birth away) through toLabor, but on hold currently, until my son grows a bit older.  I am passionate about helping people, advocating for human rights, helping others to have a safe, satisfying, beautiful birthing experience, educating and supporting others about breastfeeding (to include extended breastfeeding, and allowing the child to decide when to wean), and spreading the word about keeping boys intact (not circumcising their sons).

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