Why the Name Change?


My Gentle Birthing was an excellent journey in my life where I educated, supported, and helped families prepare for their births through childbirth education classes and my work as a doula.  This brought so much joy and fulfillment to my life, since birth is a huge passion of mine.  Since I no longer teach birthing classes, and have put being a doula on hold since I’m new to Alaska, have no childcare, and am expecting a baby (and I eat every 2 hours), it seemed the name change was in order.

So why Normal Mama?  Well, I got to thinking about a new word for “Gentle”, and realized that while I love birth and am passionate about it, that is not all I’m about anymore.  Before I was a birth professional, I was a Mama (since being a Mama catapulted me into being a birth professional), and when I thought about what kind of Mama I am, I decided that I’m pretty stinking normal.  The word “Normal” came from my philosophy on birth.  To me, birth is a normal, physiological process that needs no interruption, intervention or hurrying.  And while I subscribe to many of the Attachment Parenting philosophies, I don’t want to label myself as being an attached parent, so instead, since my parenting evolution had brought me to these philosophies, and they are normal to me, Normal Mama was born.  This also comes out of a desire for parenting in gentle, attentive ways that work for them will become more normalized in our society.  This also happens to be the first time in my parenting that I’ve felt like things that I do are normal.  While in North Carolina, so few of the things that we practice as a family were acknowledged as normal, and so many things were frowned upon and judged (such as breastfeeding in public and co-sleeping).  And since my move to Alaska, I’ve felt as if our choices are normal, in the eyes of society here.  (Not that what society thinks really matters all that much anyway, it’s just that I didn’t feel normal in my choices.)

So welcome to Normal Mama, a blog with a new name, but the same and evolving thoughts on everything in my life.


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