A L A S K A ! ! !


Snowflake the Moose

We made a huge move from North Carolina to Alaska and let me just say this, we LOVE it!  No longer do I feel like I stick out like a sore thumb because of the things I believe about parenting and natural living.  I’m still learning so much here in Alaska, since we arrived in March.  I’m finding that the people here are amazing, and have started to network little by little, and am working on making friends who have the same interests as me.  And another thing, there are moose here.  Our snow recently melted, and we have a back yard that is getting there, because my dear husband has been working so hard, and the builders will be coming out again soon to paint our house, and grade our back yard.  Very exciting.  We may not have grass this year, but that’s ok.  But when we did have snow, we had several visits from the neighborhood moose (plural).  Above is a picture of Snowflake, named by my dear sweet daughter.

We also have huge news of our own, as a family.  We are having our second baby sometime in August, and are thrilled to pieces.  We are busy preparing our hearts, minds, home, and daughter for the new addition.

Courtesy of A Heritage Photography

Thank you so much for being a part of My Gentle Birthing, and continue to visit and share with those who you think the information will benefit.  To share your information as a birth professional, photographer, baby store owner, doula, midwife, etc, please email your information to mygentlebirthing@live.com and be sure to include the state you are living in.

Have a beautiful day!


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