I NEED Your Help!


In response to the news story from Tampa, Florida, in which nursing mother, Melissa Taylor was told that breastfeeding was inappropriate in the lobby of her daughter’s school, I will be writing a blog about Breastfeeding Awareness.

I need your participation!!! What I am asking from you, is that you help me to write a fully informative blog about breastfeeding awareness, to help break the stigma.  I need stories (positive or negative), of how you’ve been impacted by society’s views of nursing your baby.  (These stories may include how a place of employment or business has treated you, individuals, doctors, and the overall general public).  If you are no longer nursing, please tell me about this as well, obviously, if it is a support or education issue, this needs to be addressed and resolved on a greater level, and I’m hoping my blog will help to inform people about the importance of breastfeeding.  I also am requesting pictures of you proudly nursing your baby.  Your names will not be included, unless you want them to be.  I plan on sending the link of this blog to many people (upon completion), and asking many people for their help.

If you are a birthing educator, breastfeeding educator, or someone who no longer nurses because you or your baby has weaned, please pass this along to those who can help make this blog huge.

I thank you in advance for your help and support in addressing this very important issue.  Let us please stop turning a blind eye to the health of our children, the bond between mother and baby, and the overall health and well-being of our nation.

Please send all requested information to:  teva@mygentlebirthing.com


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