What would YOU like to read about?


I am always interested in reading new articles about birthing, helping people to understand HypnoBirthing, and helping my community to become more progressive toward birthing.

With this in mind, I am giving the floor to you, my readers!  Please write me a comment and tell me what kind of things interest you about birthing or what kinds of questions you have.  HypnoBirthing is not a medical birthing method, but we do help couples to achieve a gentle birth in medical settings (often, and with beautiful results).  So medical birthing questions are fair game (to include questions about breech babies, interventions, etc. )  Keep in mind, also that HypnoBirthing does not require that I am medically trained, because I do not assist my couples medically.

So here you go, the floor is yours!  Ask your questions, and I will answer as many of them as possible, in blog format! I look forward to reading them and answering them.



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  1. These are some things I’d like more information on and these are subjects that are commonly neglected as well. Postpartum depression, breech presentation, homebirth statistics and safety, gestational diabetes – avoiding and treating, I’ve got more but that’s enough for now lady!!! I can’t wait to read your future posts!

  2. I’d love to learn more about having a natural delivery after things like tears, c-sections, assisted deliveries, and things of that nature.

    • I am interested in blogging about this as well. This may be my next blog post. I know this matters, it certainly matters to me! I will certainly do my best to address this question. 🙂 Thank you Sarah, for your input!


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