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The following article was brought to my attention by a doula I know.

This article brings up so many points that I am so passionate about, because of HypnoBirthing, and because I am so concerned with the rights of women and their babies.  Skin-to-skin bonding is so incredibly important.  Not only does it promote breastfeeding in newborn infants, but it also aids in the bonding process between mother and baby, and father and baby.  Babies have a need to be nurtured, loved, and to meet their parents on the outside, immediately upon being born.  Skin-to-skin bonding also helps babies’ temperature to become stable, and helps them to become acclimated to the world in a much more gentle fashion.

HypnoBirthing is a birthing method that empowers expectant families to advocate for themselves.  So much information is given to HypnoBirthing couples, and it is truly beautiful to witness the results of the information given.  I truly believe that couples who are educated about the physiological process of labor and birth, and how to “go with the flow” of birthing, are more apt to have more positive experiences while giving birth, thus demanding that their maternity care be better than what they might get if they were not educated.  HypnoBirthing couples have the advantage of knowing how to avoid so many interventions that are not medically necessary, which makes the maternity care they receive not only cheaper, but better for their bodies and their babies. Which leads me to this article that states that the use of epidural during childbirth can impede nursing instincts in newborn infants.

I cherished the 13 months that I breastfed Sydney, and I often say to my friends who are still fortunate enough to nurse, that I wish I was still nursing.  Sydney will be three in July, and I miss it so much.  The advantages of breastfeeding are obvious, and the advantages were no different for us.  This is what I gained from breastfeeding my daughter for 13 months:

  • A bond with her that I would not have had otherwise
  • Added confidence in my body; not only could I nurture her in my womb, but I could nurture her on the outside
  • Major brain-rich nutrients not produced by cow’s milk or soy formula
  • Confidence in Sydney to know that breastfeeding is normal and beautiful
  • Comfort about my own anatomy around her
  • Education about anatomy
  • Excitement in Sydney to someday have breasts
  • Less illness, lower medical costs
  • Ease of use, no midnight bottle making
  • Portability of food source
  • The opportunity to educate those around me who seemed offended
  • Lower grocery, water, and electricity bills (formula cost, water cost to prepare formula, and electricity to disinfect bottles)
  • Sydney’s confidence and ability to decide for herself when she was ready to wean

Breastfeeding was one of the greatest gifts I could give to Sydney, and it’s something that I will do with all of my children.

Please add your positive experiences you’ve had with breastfeeding!!! We would love to hear them.


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  1. I feel the same way! I feel like things are starting to turn for breastfeeding mothers. I hope it will continue to come back into our society as the norm.

  2. I love breastfeeding, it’s so natural to do. I love having that close bond with my child and sustaining his life completely from my body. Unfortunately, with our society these days, the breasts are seen as sexual objects, not milk producing, life sustaining tissue. I hope it becomes the “norm” for mama’s to breastfeed wherever and whenever. It should never be looked upon negatively, it should be supported and encouraged. I love that list, I agree with every point!

  3. In the United States, unfortunately, there is not much support and education surrounding breastfeeding. People are very much offended by it, and question why moms breastfeed for “so long”.
    There needs to be much more education and support for moms, and less of the hospitals and other places stuffing formula down their throats. Babies deserve their mother’s milk, not the milk that came from a cow whose baby was taken away from her (but that’s another issue entirely).

    Thank you so much, ladies for your thoughtful comments!!! Keep them coming!


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