Birthing Stool


I am always interested in finding information and products to improve the birthing process.  Thus, HypnoBirthing.

Tonight, as I searched for birthing stools, I came across a website, called Kaya Birth that has a birthing stool that is incredibly versatile.  Birthing stools are great, because they allow women to utilize gravity to help with the descent of their babies, and they also maximize the pelvic space for easier and gentler birthing.

Not only is this birthing stool versatile, it also can be fully submerged in water in the case of a water birth.  I attended a water birth in December, and wish the mother would have had this when she was in the final stages of labor and as she was birthing.  She loved being in the water, but was not able to feel comfortable and supported at the same time, and I fully believe that a Kaya Birthing stool could have helped tremendously.

The Kaya stool can also be used in 8 different positions, including reclined, sitting, massage, and partner support, making it a great addition to the birthing atmosphere. It boasts that it’s easy to clean, and is made of durable materials.

Check out the website: and take a look!!!


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