Class #5 Tonight


It’s always an honor for couples to invite me into the comfort and intimacy of their home to learn a birthing method that has the ability to change their lives.  As I finish teaching each couple, it’s the culmination of the classes, but the beginning of so much more.  My couples are armed with such valuable information, and look forward to their birthing day.  It feels great to hear moms say that they are ready for their babies to be there, and not because their bodies are fatigued from carrying, growing and nurturing a baby for 9 months, but because they feel ready and excited to meet their baby.  All fear has left, and instead, relief, joy, anticipation, and empowerment take its place.

For me, tonight was such a night.  I left the home of an incredible couple that I met 6 weeks ago, and started teaching 5 weeks ago.  It’s amazing the relationship that has been built in that length of time.  The journey they both have taken, but the husband/father’s journey was especially amazing.  I knew when I met the wife/mother, that she was on board with the concepts of HypnoBirthing, but that the husband/father was a bit wary.  His concern, as is with most husbands and soon to be fathers is the well-being of his family.  Husbands are the protectors, and this is certainly no different.  I could tell from the beginning that he wanted to believe, and it didn’t take long, one class, and he was on board.  I was sure to tell him, in particular, how proud I am of him, and what a distance he has come.  I believe he needs to hear this, because it will make him a stronger birth companion for his wife as she gives birth to their beautiful baby girl.

The couples I teach always make an impact on me, perhaps even an imprint on my heart and in my soul.  They are all such strong beautiful people that I enjoy teaching and learning from.  Tonight, this post is for you, A&A.  It’s been a joy, and thank you so much for your pure impact.



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